The Kendamil Adventure

Kendamil, the only British baby Formula producer.

The uniqe location of Kendamil sits on the edge of the breathtaking Lake District.  Allows Kendamil to utilize the finest ingredients to create the only baby formula produced in the UK. Kendamil’s organic recipes and standard use local whole milk from grass-fed cows on Red Tractor accredited farms to create a satiating, delicious formula. Refraining of fish and palm oils in our recipe makes it both highly digestible and delicious.  The plant-based Omega 3 is an addition to not only create a more sustainably sourced formula and a more natural but also as well in making the formula suitable for vegetarians.

Housing no glucose syrups, no soya, no GMOs, no maltodextrin, and no corn starch our recipe strives to be as natural as possible. The addition of minerals and vitamins including prebiotics FOS and GOS, aids in providing a nutritionally balanced alternate to breastfeeding for those who choose not to or cannot.

Kendamil under the founding mother brand Kendal Nutricare, which focuses in the development of nutritional products, provisioning beyond all age groups. With over 58 years of experience in development.  Kendal Nutricare’s expert staff of technicians and scientist take immense care to develop formulas that will heighten the quality of life for elderly and the infants. Kendal Nutricare distributes to global markets under the following accreditations: Halal certification, BRC Grade AA, CFDA, Health & Safety Certification, Soil Association Certification, EHA Certification, and SuperKosher Certification.

Hygience, safety, and corporate social responsibility are at the center of Kendal Nutricare’s manufacturing values. We take immense care to uphold to the WHO sustainable development goals pertinent to our industry. In example we undeviatingly contribute to the safeguard of environment by working with the local environmental agency, equality within the company and we also provide economic growth and decent occupation. Indirectly we are moving towards lowering inequalities and aiding to promote well being and good health worldwide.

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