Bambinchen Golden Goat Milk Powder Full-Cream 400g USA Seller


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Bambinchen Golden Goat Milk Powder Full-Cream 400g USA Seller for Any Age – from birth to old age

Goat’s milk while breastfeeding? OF COURSE!

Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers often feel tired and drained. They require an increased intake of vitamins, minerals and protein.
(According to the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BzgA), this heightened need can be easily met by consuming milk and dairy products.)

We recommend goat’s milk and – for those wanting to give their body an added boost – organic spirulina microalgae.

Please understand that this product has a tendency of denting easily.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer replacements/discount on minor dents (even the replacements could be dented again).  Instead, we are happy to issue a full refund once the product is returned. We always double check and will only ship brand new products in perfect condition.  If you are uncomfortable with this, please consider purchasing a different product that comes in a box. Dented cans are still safe to consume, unless formula powder came out and got exposed to the air. Here is a statement from NannyCare in regards to dented cans:

“If the tin is only slightly dented or misshapen then there should be no compromise to the powder; it is fine to use it. If there is any loose powder on the outside of the tins or any of the tins seals are dented or split, i.e. the seals at the top, bottom and sides of tin and also the ring pull lid, then the formula should be thrown away.”

Our GOLDEN GOAT goat’s milk powder is rich in top-quality proteins high in essential amino acids.

Goat’s milk also contains a high volume of medium-chain and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are considered particularly valuable in human diets as they protect the heart and vessels.
And all the while, your baby will be receiving the best of nourishment!

GOLDEN GOAT – all the positive properties of goat’s milk for mother AND child!

Preparation of Golden Goat full-cream goat’s milk

To make 250 ml of delicious goat’s milk, take two heaped tablespoons of Golden Goat powder (25 to 30 g), and add 225 ml water. The opened pack should be stored in a cool place, and used up within 4 weeks.

Golden Goat goat’s milk can be used as a substitute for cow’s milk. Apart from being consumed on its own, it is also ideal for cooking and baking.

The powder comes in 400-g packs, which is enough to produce approx. 4 litres of full-cream goat’s milk.

400 g can – loose powder

Pure as a fresh drink, added to tea and coffee, used for puddings, mash and sauces – including for baking, etc.

100% spray-dried full-cream goat’s milk powder.


Composition Milk per 100 ml
Calorific value 223 kJ / 53 kcal
Protein 2,7 g
Carbohydrates 3,6 g
– sugar (lactose) 3,6 g
Fat 3,1 g
– saturated fatty acid 2,1 g
Salt 0,07 g
Riboflavin (B2) 0,11 mg
Potasium 150 mg
Calcium 93 mg
Phosphorus 85 mg

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