Hipp Stage 3 Organic Formula for Toddlers Combiotic Milk from 1+ Year USA Seller 600g UK version.

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Hipp Stage 3 Organic Combiotic Formula Growing Up Milk for Toddlers USA Seller 600g

  • Organic Milk Formula
  • Can be given to toddlers from 12 months onwards
  • Chemicals free
  • Contains iron and omega 3
  • Huge Source of Vitamin A, C and D

Children, when they reach the 12th month they have special nutritional needs and milk, is particularly important for helping to meet calcium requirements. In cows’ milk, however, the amount of iron, omega 3, vitamin D and essential vitamins is pretty much low. Hipp growing up milk have these nutrients essential for growth and development in the right quantities for the child. Hipp holds word class expertise in organic baby food and nutrition with 50 years’ experience. All the organic ingredients in the Hipp growing up milk get tested at each and every stage of production for purity and no unwanted chemicals. It contains Vitamins A, C and D that helps develop the immune system. Because of these vitamins, the normal functioning of the immune system happens. It contains iron which contributes to the normal development of children, as well as other important minerals and vitamins to help support the weaning diet (as required). Nutritionally very superior to normal cow’s milk. The cow’s milk is low in iron, vitamin D and other important nutrients.

Hipp Growing Up Milk Baby Formula Organic Combiotic Stage 3 USA Seller 600g is based on formula:

  • The formula contains a necessary amount of iron.
  • It is organic milk formula.
  • It has Omega 3.
  • It consists of Vitamin A, C and D.
  • Milk from cows from organic farms with species-appropriate stock breeding.


  • It is purely Chemicals Free.
  • Tastes good and easy to digest.
  • Comes with valuable organic milk.
  • No added flavors or preservatives.
  • Strictly controlled from pollutants.


  • No use of adverse ingredients guaranteed.
  • Obtained exclusively from organic farms.
  • Hipp products are sustainable and nature-friendly.
  • Follows strict guidelines of the EU organic farming.

List of Hipp Organic Formula UK version:

Product Name Age Range For Use
Hipp Formula Stage 1 Birth to 1 Year Normal Use
Hipp Formula Stage 1 Ready to Feed Birth to 1 Year Normal Use
Hipp Formula Stage 2 6 – 12 Months Normal Use
Hipp Formula Stage 3 1 – 2 Years Normal Use
Hipp Formula Stage 4 2 – 3 Years Normal Use
Hipp Formula Hungry Milk Birth to 1 Year For hungrier babies
Hipp Formula Goodnight Milk 6 – 12 Months Helps baby sleep through the night
Hipp Formula Comfort Milk Birth to 1 Year For Colic and Constipation. Reduced lactose.
Hipp Formula AR Milk Birth to 1 Year For Reflux and Regurgitation. Thickened formula

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