1. How long does shipping take?

Expedited shipping usually takes 2-3 business days (excluding holidays and Sunday) to arrive and standard shipping takes 4-6 business days to arrive.


  1. If I live in CA, will the shipping still take 46 business days?

The closer you are located from Los Angeles, CA, the faster the delivery will be.  Most of CA residents will receive their order within a few days even with standard shipping option.


  1. Where do you get your products from?

We get Holle from Germany and Aptamil/Hipp from UK.  We get our products through wholesalers located in each country.


  1. Are your products irradiated?

Infant formulas are not subject to irradiation because it does not belong to such category that needs to be controlled strictly.  Imported items such as spices, produce, poultry, fruits, and etc. are currently being irradiated.


  1. How often do you stock your items?

We receive shipments on a weekly basis.  If you see that certain items are out of stock, it won’t take more than a week to have them back in stock.  Please email formuland@gmail.com for better updates.


  1. Can I go pick up items?

Currently, we do not have a storefront.  We are only doing online purchases at the moment.