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Why Your Baby Needs to Try Hipp formula

hipp formula

Quick quiz: Cloth or disposable diapers? Co-sleeping or swaddling? Rushing into every cry or letting your baby learn on his own?

New parents are overwhelmed with choices every single day. And what you feed your baby at its earliest stages is a huge choice you’ll make multiple times every day for many months.

Enter HiPP formula, a European organic choice you have to try. Whether your baby is spitting out your current formula or you don’t like what you’ve read about American-made options, read on to see how to get your family to get HiPP.

Are Organic Baby Formulas for You?

If it seems like you could spend the entire day in the supermarket, mass merchandiser, or baby store and not understand the right choice to feed your baby, you’re not alone.

This stuff is really confusing.

We’re actually going to add to your options now, but don’t worry, it’s worth it.

If you haven’t yet considered European organic baby formula, please do.

It’s not as exotic as it sounds (after all, European parents feed their babies these formulas every day!) and it can really help your baby thrive.

Why Organic Formula?

Not to scare you, but why would you want to support American formula companies who are doing the equivalent of experimenting on your baby?

For some reason, American-made formula companies have escaped the regulations and rules that prevent one or two organizations from controlling the entire market share.

When two companies call all the shots, it’s called a duopoly, and it’s bad for everyone but those organizations.

With baby formula, that means these groups can decide to cut corners, use artificial ingredients, and stick with the cheapest production because they can.

In fact, we hear about issues like this all the time.

Back in 2012, the Consumer Products Safety Commission flagged rice something new parents should avoid.

Rice can contain inorganic arsenic, which doesn’t belong in any person’s body, much less a baby. FYI: Inorganic arsenic is a common ingredient in pesticides and farming. Not so hungry now, are you?

These companies are taking the easy way out, but the results can be harmful and long-lasting. Not so easy at all.

Now, selecting organic formula for your baby does not have to be hard.

And by the way, getting your hands on European organic baby formula is simple.

Introduction to HiPP Formula

Funny name, funny capitalization, but seriously nutritious baby formula.

It’s called HiPP and you should know it.

HiPP formula is an organic formula (it’s actually a whole set of feeding options, which we’ll get to) that can help you win the mommy wars, even if those wars are just within your own conscience.

(Actually, we’d LOVE to see the “mommy wars” end completely. We’re all on the same side! But we’ll leave that for another blog.)

Why HiPP Formula?

You mean, other than the fact that it’s organic?

Yes, we know, we need to give you a bit more, as there are tons of organic options out there!

HiPP has been producing a baby formula for over a century. Their expertise started back in 1899.

Specific benefits of HiPP formula include:

  • No GMOs, ever
  • Higher fatty acids (ah, to go back to a time when we wanted to consume more fat! Such innocence!)
  • Lower mycotoxins than other formulas
  • Separate stages to grow along with your baby

Reading the Label

Let’s go straight to the good stuff. Which will be going into your baby’s body after you feed him or her HiPP formula!

HiPP organic baby formula stage 1 Dutch version 900g contains probiotic lactic acid bacteria; vitamin C, K, B2, A, B6, D, B12, E, and B1; niacin, fish oil, zinc, iron, calcium, and more.

Talk to Other Parents

HiPP formula is winning over parents all over the world, so ask your friends whether they’ve tried it and their own experiences.

You can also rely on forums and feedback online, such as formula discussion groups.

This is an excellent way to get questions answered, even if you don’t have any local parents or mommy groups to turn to and your pediatrician just can’t relate to your wish to go organic.

When you look for review sites and forums online, try to pick unsponsored ones. These are going to be the most neutral or non-biased (testimonials on the actual retailers are OK, but they may be paid for or posted by people who received the formula in exchange for posting “glowing reviews”).

Chime in and participate! Search the site for your particular brand choice and read what other parents have experienced.

A Year (or Two) in the Life

If all of this concern sounds like a lot of fuss for not much time, consider how long your baby is going to be on formula.

The Mayo Clinic recommends babies consume infant formula until age one.

That’s one year, 365 days, with multiple feedings.

You know how you feel after you’ve eaten something bad, off, or which just doesn’t agree with your internal system?

At least we can usually communicate “I’m feeling bad” or “Something’s wrong.”

Your baby can’t.

So for an entire year (or more, consult your pediatrician as each baby is on his or her own unique development path), don’t you want to help ensure your baby gets just what he needs and nothing that puts that in danger?

Help Your Baby Feel His Best

Choosing to feed your baby HiPP formula is one great step towards a healthy, thriving babyhood.

Still, along the way, your baby may fight feedings due to problems unrelated to the formula, including reflux.

This is when your baby “brings milk back up” during or soon after a feeding, and – whew! – is very common and does not mean you’re doing anything wrong!

Reflux Signs

  • Frequent ear infections
  • Lots of hiccups or coughs
  • Crying during feeding
  • Spitting up milk multiple times in a day, each day (don’t worry if it just happens once or twice)
  • Refusing feeds or choking or gagging during a feed

Help is Here

After you’ve checked that your baby isn’t having a reaction to harsh ingredients or chemicals in the formula (which many US-made formulas will have), here are a few actions you can take to ease the reflux process:

  • Regular burping during feeding
  • Feed less, but more often
  • Hold the baby upright after feeding
  • Raise the baby’s head in his crib by slipping a pillow under the mattress on that side
  • Make sure the baby is not sleeping on his front or side

The Magic Formula

You know how great it is when you find a certain brand of lipstick and then discover there is also foundation, shadow, liner, and mascara to match?

HiPP formula is similar.

We just covered how healthy and nutritious the formula can be for your baby.

But HiPP also produces an entire family line of products to cuddle and coddle your baby from the outside IN.

After feedings, why not keep the love going with HiPP’s “Free From” range, which includes:

  • Baby gel/wash
  • Baby bath
  • Shampoo
  • Foaming handwash
  • Face and hand wipes

All products are hypo-allergenic, which means both babies and parents with sensitive skin issues benefit.

The products contain no chemicals, oils, perfume, or artificial coloring.

Eating the HiPP Way

Once your baby grows out of HiPP formula, you can still follow the HiPP path with its “Growing Up Meals” line.

Try not to help your little one clean his or her plate of vegetable and beef casserole, vegetable pasta with cheese in zoo animal shapes, and fruit.

Curious what’s inside the HiPP Organic Growing Up Baby Food Hearty Vegetables & Beef Casserole 230g?

The meal includes carrots, tomatoes, onions, sweetcorn, pepper, beef, antioxidants, lemon juice concentrate, potatoes, milk cream, sunflower oil, and more.

What doesn’t it have? Gluten, artificial colors, GMO, or preservatives.

Plus, there is no BPA, the stuff that leaches into the food when you microwave the container.

Oh, and the heart shaped bowl it comes in just shows how much you “heart” your child.

Get HiPP to This

Ready to get your baby hip to European infant formula?

We are here to help.

This is our area of expertise and we love sharing it with new parents.

Please click here and send us a message.

You can include a note that you’re interested in Hipp formula, plus any other details, such as what your baby is currently on, any health issues or concerns, and any feeding preferences you may have.

Let us know, too, if you are having trouble sourcing HiPP formula in your area or need help choosing between HiPP formula products (such as if your baby is straddling one of the age brackets).

We look forward to showing you how HiPP is the best organic baby formula on the market!

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